Anti-nutrients- Avoiding the Vitamin robbers

Optimum nutrition is not just about what you eat, what you don’t eat is just as important.

Since the 1950’s over 3500 man made chemicals have found there way into manufactured food, along with pesticide, antibiotics and hormone residues from staple foods like grains and meat. Many of these chemicals are “anti-nutrients” in that they stop nutrients being absorbed.
Gone are the days when eating healthy meant simply getting the right balance of nutrients from your food. Now an equally important part of the equation is avoiding harmful chemicals and protecting yourself against those that cannot be avoided.

Many of today’s diseases are caused just as much by an excess of anti-nutrients as by a deficiency of nutrients. Take cancer for example. Three quarters of all cancers are associated with an excess of anti-nutrients, be it cancer causing chemicals or excessive free radicals as a results of smoking. Many health problems, from arthritis to chronic fatigue, can follow from an overload or anti-nutrients exceeding the body’s capacity to detoxify itself. Once the threshold is exceeded, toxins such as pesticide residues accumulate in fat tissue, common drugs from alcohol to painkillers become increasingly toxic, and even the otherwise harmless by-products of making energy from carbohydrates start to accumulate, bring on muscle aches and fatigue.

Today in the UK alone we get through a staggering quarter of a million tons of food chemicals, 80 million prescriptions for painkillers and 50 million prescriptions for antibiotics. In addition, 50,000 chemicals are released into the environment by industry and 400 million litres of pesticides and herbicides are sprayed onto food and pastures. Together, this constitutes a staggering onslaught of man-made chemicals and pollutants, with undeniable global health and environment repercussions.

Eating wisely, drinking in moderation and avoiding smoking are all positive steps towards better health. Topping up with the right supplements can also be helpful. Taking quality supplements without additives and preservatives is important.

The world we now live in is an ever changing place, with plastic pollution a common topic in the news giving a visual image of how our planet is changing, let’s also think about the changes that are happening to our bodies.

Our children are growing into the legacy we are leaving for them, small changes have positive results. We need more than ever to avoid things that are harmful to both human life and animal life.

Shop wisely, make dishes where possible from fresh ingredients rather than buy processed ready made foods. Long shelf life usually means preservatives….harmful to the body.

Body lotions, make-up, body sprays etc, again look at just what you are using on your skin. The skin is the largest organ and will soak up whatever is put on it.

Let’s all make the changes to give us the best chance to live our lives in optimal health, after all, tomorrow is not guaranteed, live today, it’s a gift, thats why it’s called the Present!

Ref: Facts and figures taken from Patrick Holford’s New Optimum Nutrition Bible.

By Clare Gale

I am so excited to share some things with you that may just change your life as they have mine. As a Naturopath, I am always looking for natural solutions to help the body heal from many health concerns. Health Analysis allows us to gain insight into what key imbalances need to be worked on to help you gain better health. They may be nutrition, diet, lifestyle and may included supplements if needed.