Diverticulosis is a condition that describes small pouches in the wall of the digestive tract that occur when the inner layer of the digestive tract bulges through weak spots in the outer layer. When these diverticula become inflamed, that is called diverticulitis.

These pouches need to be kept clean until things settle down. Avoiding particles that will lodge in them causing further irritation is key. These food include things like seed, nuts, and roughage or fibrous foods. Things that are hard to digest are best avoided in the early stages.

There are two stages of treatment. Initially you need to be very kind to your body and nurse it back to health by eating foods that will do just that. Once stable, you can then re- introduce other foods into your diet but you should alway be aware of high fibrous foods or processed foods which are likely to trigger a problem.

When you get a flare up it is important that you avoid all inflammatory foods. These will irritate an already unhappy digestive system and you need to calm things down. These foods include…

To avoid
Fried food
Processed foods
Artificial additives and sweeteners Fibrous foods like

Brown bread
Apple skins
Brussel sprouts
Pulses and beans
Brown pasta
Basically things with tough skins or small seeds.

Raw is best, juice where possible especially vegetables.

A lovely healing juice recipe to help this condition is carrots, apples, lettuce and watercress

There are some great supplements that can be very useful when treating Diverticulitis, they include.

Slippery elm to help reduce soreness to the digestive system. Aloe, this is very calming and healing to the gut.
Liquorice Root, lowers stomach acid levels.
Probiotics, some good bacteria for your gut.

By Clare Gale

I am so excited to share some things with you that may just change your life as they have mine. As a Naturopath, I am always looking for natural solutions to help the body heal from many health concerns. Health Analysis allows us to gain insight into what key imbalances need to be worked on to help you gain better health. They may be nutrition, diet, lifestyle and may included supplements if needed.