Feeling Good Needn’t Cost the Earth

We all want to feel good. If you really think about it, the pursuit of happiness and wellbeing (however misguided!) motivates pretty much everything we do and many of things we don’t do!

SavingBee is primarily about saving money on the things that matter most: health, happiness and wellbeing.

Of course, there are all sorts of barriers that prevent us from committing to a new regime or to spend time and money on ourselves, rather than our loved ones and families. And there are plenty of barriers we might create with a mindset that is conditioned to make poor choices about how we spend whatever money we might have.

And yet, how often have you thought something along these lines?

  • I really do want to improve my fitness, but gyms are so expensive and I probably won’t go enough to warrant the cost.
  • I want to cut down on alcohol but there has to be some pleasure in life!
  • I can’t put off dealing with emotional wounds from the past any longer. If only I could find some counselling that was affordable. I could be in therapy for years!
  • I love feeling pampered and looking my best but how I can I justify the spending when the kids need so much?
  • If only I could afford to work with an expert on weight loss. I’ve tried everything. My purse is lighter but I’m still just as heavy!
  • Some of these therapies/treatments might work for me but I’d like to try before I commit myself to something long term.
  • Of course I want to be happy, healthy and in good physical condition! But why does it all have to cost so much money?

I firmly believe that when we get a taste of something that is truly good for us and our wellbeing, that can set off the internal motivation we need to make choices that serve us better.

There is no question that for millions of people, the treatments, therapies and interventions available from some of our listed businesses are often out of reach because the cost excludes those who can’t always afford the going rate.

And yet, many of those who are struggling to make ends meet, are often most in need of the services of expert therapists and professionals. Further more, as we’ve seen over the last 10 years, millions of those people are hard working families in full time work just trying to do the right thing in life.

Find the Best Deals for You

At SavingBee, we’re on a mission to recruit as many excellent health, beauty and wellness professionals to offer YOU brilliant deals, offers, promotions, trials and discounts as we possibly can!

So, take a look at our business directory and see what looks good to you: be a bit more Bee! Find an attractive looking flower and try some of what it has to offer you.




By Mike Jenkins

Mike Jenkins is a writer, teacher and web designer. He writes a blog, 'Heart of Presence' where he shares his perspective on Spiritual Awakening and mindfulness practices that help us live more consciously in presence.