I would describe myself as an holistic healer, a medical intuitive and a multi-dimensional teacher.

I work with frequencies, dimensions, and with balancing the natural vibrational energy within the body and all its fields ( physical, emotional, mental, auric), concentrating on the relief of stress and assisting in dissolving energy and chakra blockages in order to promote natural healing.

I use psycho-neuro-immunology in all my treatments. This is a field of mind/body medicine which looks at how our health can be determined by our emotional and psychological state, and how our health can be affected by negative thought patterns.

Acting as an interpreter, I am grateful to be guided spiritually, facilitating amazing results. Having been a healer for many lifetimes, I am able draw upon that accumulated knowledge daily.

To connect with me, visit my website: http://www.organic-aromatherapy.co.uk