My experience and qualifications have been earned over the last 30 years, I know what its like to suffer anxiety and depression. My family did not nuture or support this struggle and I attracted bad relationship after bad relationship. I spent a lifetime blaming other people! I had therapy, counselling, healing, life transformation work, coaching ….you name it!
The awakening did not happen over night and when you don’t feel worthy due to lack of love and care it has a massive impact on your confidence and how you set your life up.
Thank goodness for Louise Hay, Tony Robbins and most of ALL Prem Rawat….. its ok to take away the bad stuff but it needs to be replaced with the good!
Thats where I come in…….. I have so much to share with you…..and yes I AM qualified in teaching and counselling with what I deliver to you…..but I will say its the massive experience I have to offer and my internal intuitive guide that has just grown over this time through degradation, suffering and courage to never give up coupled with my DAILY PRACTICE……
So yes I AM VERY passionate about helping achieve a more positive lifestyle for this incredible journey called life.
What a Gift we have ! If we have what it takes to realise it!
We already have an incredible opportunity! Sometimes all we need is a mirror. I want to be that mirror for you and share my knowledge of my success phone me for free consultation.