Fatigue, weight gain, muscle spasms, muscle weakness, hair loss and sleep issues are just some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.
Blood tests at the Dr’s ofter come back clear but you know you just don’t feel well but cannot understand why.

Many patients are undiagnosed as the levels needed though conventional means are extreme and often overlooked, however even minor imbalances can go on to cause tremendous health concerns that when treated correctly become much less significant.

Studies have shown that there are many aspects that affect the Thyroid. Dealing with this complex gland is achievable when you deal the variety of factors involved.

Let’s look at the things that “attack” the Thyroid.

Chemicals and pesticides.
Statistically on average we come into contact with 162 toxins a day. Water in the tap contain both fluoride and chlorine. Shower gel, shampoo, body lotion etc continue to onslaught to the body.

Car exhaust fumes and environmental pollution both are inhaled and also absorb through the skin.

Processed foods, additives in the food chain and artificial sweeteners continue the process.

Pesticides, insecticides and anti fungal sprays cover our fresh produce.

Hormones injected into cows to make them produce the higher volume of milk.

Tea, the levels of fluoride in tea can also reduce the functionality of the thyroid. Tea grows in fluoride rich soil. Reducing the amount of tea can again be helpful.

Vaccinations given to live stock to prevent them against disease including antibiotics to keep them healthy then go to weaken our own immune system.

Plastics, especially heated plastics attack the endocrine system causing further attack on the Thyroid.
In 2006 the government legislated that plastic water bottles must be made bio degradable. This is really good for our planet as the levels in land fill sites was not sustainable. These plastics now begin to bio degrade once opened and re-using more than a couple of times allows us to ingest these plastics again attacking the body.

Heated plastic are especially troublesome. “Whizz Ding” micro meals often come in plastic dishes and again dangerous levels of chemicals including formaldehyde are ingested, again attacking the endocrine system and targeting the Thyroid.

Memory foam mattresses contain high levels of plastic and the heat that is created whilst we sleep can cause toxic gasses to escape which are yet another threat.

Cling film, another everyday item again continuing the plastic attack.

The most common foods which reduce thyroid hormone production (when consumed in excess, especially if raw) belong to the mustard family of cruciferous vegetables known as brassicas (kale, maca, broccoli, cabbage, mustard, etc.) due to their higher than usual levels of sulphur-containing compounds.

The sulphur compound called isothiocyanates which block the production of thyroid peroxidase (TPO), the enzyme that transfers iodine to the thyroid hormones.

Electromagnetic fields, Wifi computers, mobile phones, mobile masts, electricity pylons and other electric currents such as “touch” lights are again other considerations.

So what to do…
There are the complex aspects of the for mentioned to consider. We cannot live in a bubble but we can make small changes that can make a big difference.

Wash all fresh produce in 10% white wine vinegar and water solution. We may wash our fruit and vegetables but the chemicals they are

sprayed with are formulated to be rain resistant and cannot be washed off. The vinegar and water will strip off up to 70% of the chemicals.
Of course buying organic is best but not always possible.

Turn off Wifi routers when not in use, especially at night.
Drink organic milk or change to rice, almond or organic soya milk. Eat less processed food. Fresh is best!

Recent studies have also offered other help with food state supplements.
When Hypothyroid patients have been fed pigs thyroid to eat, the symptoms went away. The long complex study showed the positive effects of consuming this gland and how well it balanced the under active thyroid in humans.

Pigs being the closest genetic animal to humans and findings shows that these animals may offer some help.

The thyroid is taken from the pig, and desiccated and put into capsule form, so is easily taken as a daily dose to help boost the functionality of our own thyroid.

Details on the product.

• Outdoor reared pork meat, from RSPCA approved, high welfare farms

in the United Kingdom

• Reared without the use of growth promoting hormones, routine

antibiotics or pesticides

• No solvent, enzymatic or heat-based removal of fats.

• Nothing is removed. Just raw, premium quality whole thyroid glands,

processed at very low temperatures to preserve their full nutritional


• Free from all artificial additives (colours, binders, fillers and flow agents

such as magnesium stearate)

• Free from added salt, sugar, starch, wheat, corn, yeast, dairy and soy


These capsules come in various doses. 15mg, 30mg, 65mg and 130mg capsules.

When starting on a programme of treatment including taking these supplements, it is recommended that you begin by taking 1 x 15mg capsule per day for 14 days increasing to 2 x 15mg capsules for a further 2 weeks. If you are already taking Thyroxine, then start on a slightly lower dose than you are taking already. (you cannot take both prescription and porcine supplement)

Depending on your symptoms will determine how things progress but careful consideration is given to your dosage and your practitioner will advise accordingly after the initial 4 weeks.
If you benefit by taking a higher dose, the next purchase may be on a higher dosage supplement.

These capsules may help as a “food state” supplement but the programme as whole needs to be considered, they are not a medication treatment in the conventional sense.

Identifying the areas of imbalance within an individual is key to this programme and initial analysis needs to be done to identify areas that need to be addressed.

Testing for imbalances in the body including thyroid, along with nutrition, hormones, food sensitivities, toxins, virus, bacteria and much more is available at The Natural Health Centre Clinics or via hair sample sent in the post.

If you would like to order some of the Porcine desiccated Thyroid capsules then you can call 01444 318 822 and say you are a client of Clare Gale for your order to be processed.
It is recommended that you start on a low dose of 15mg unless you are already taking Thyroxine then be guided by the dose you are already taking. Bear in mind that your body will happily absorb these natural remedies rather than struggle with the synthetic medication prescribed by your GP so you may need a slightly lower dose than you are already taking.

Once you have increased the number of capsules when you get to end of the first bottle, the next order may need to be at a higher value.

For more information please log into or

call Clare 07717281604

By Clare Gale

I am so excited to share some things with you that may just change your life as they have mine. As a Naturopath, I am always looking for natural solutions to help the body heal from many health concerns. Health Analysis allows us to gain insight into what key imbalances need to be worked on to help you gain better health. They may be nutrition, diet, lifestyle and may included supplements if needed.